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Printcheap is the leading packaging box supplier in Malaysia. We not only specialise in designing and developing innovative custom made box to match our clients’ need, we also help them in understanding the advantage of choosing the right kind of packaging box to help their customers’ buying decisions. 
At Printcheap, we don’t simply sugarcoat our words and promise a five star quality for our packaging box printing. We only claim what we have done all these while, moreover we have most of the time exceeded clients’ expectation by offering premium quality custom made box for cheap price.
We also focus a lot on business sustainability which makes our clients to value and cherish our inputs and advices when choosing the right packaging box.
Since we operate on huge volume, we could lower down our box printing cost, which in turn gives us the advantage to lower down our prices to the most competitive price ever! Therefore, cheap boxes at premium quality!
Soon with just a couple of clicks our ready made packaging box will be available for you online but worry not our custom made boxes are made super fast too. 100,000 boxes in just 4 days only! 
Convenient, easy & fast box printing. All for you at Printcheap


Type of Boxes:

Tuck Lock Box

Auto Lock Bottom Box

Snap Lock Bottom Box

Hanging Box

Handle Box

Telescopic Box

Sleeve and Tray Box

Roll End Tuck Top Box

4/6 Point Glue Box

More support Box

Inner Trays


Box material:

       1. Art card 210gsm, 230gsm, 270gsm, 310gsm, 350gsm & 400gsm

      2. Grey back box board 270gsm, 310gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, 450gsm 

      3. Kraff card 330gsm & 400gsm

      4. E-Flute material



Uv Varnishing

Aqueous quoting

Gloss Lamination

Matte lamination

Matte Lamination+Spot Uv